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MODEL PERSPECTIVE Alexis Sundman Is “The Faerie Queene” For Harper’s Bazaar UK October 2020

A return to simplicity seems to be the overarching theme for Alexis Sundman’s “The Faerie Queen” editorial for Harper’s Bazaar UK October 2020. London-based photographer Ina Lekiewicz, as well as stylist Leith Clark, with hair and makeup by Daniel Martin and Florrie White depict a subtle rejection of the seeming chaos of everyday (read: 2020 pandemic) life.

A clean, natural palette encapsulates the images, with textured whites, soft greens, and woody browns. The editorial takes on a whimsical life of its own, transporting us to a fairytale realm - a fantasy terrarium untouched by the turbulence of the real world. Alexis Sundman takes on a fairytale character, both innocent and alluring, with natural poses and unstudied elegance.

Similar to the aesthetic movements cropping up from social media such as Cottagecore, this is a return to simple roots in unprecedented times. It’s challenging as an anachronism for our current time, refreshing to see, and is simply beautiful work.







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