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INDUSTRY INSPO Bibhu Mohapatra SS 2021 Ready-To-Wear An Ode To The Art Of Juxtaposition

Bibhu Mohapatra, the Indian-born designer now based in New York, has unveiled his latest ready-to-wear collection for SS 2021. Mohapatra is known for his dichotomous work, juxtaposing tailoring and draping, the feminine and the masculine, with his new collection undoubtedly continuing along this same vein.

The model performs the collection for an audience of easels and artworks, the perfect backdrop for a small and subtle war of contrasts. A play of structured vs. unstructured, minimalist vs. bohemian, manifests in brilliances of colour that intermingle with deep blacks and creamed beiges. It’s an ode to the artistry in the wearable, and is easily visualised to be worn in a plethora of settings.

“In fashion, it’s important for me to always be aware of that continuous interplay between elements and attitudes, and how those elements spark something functional and new“, says Mohapatra, in a statement from his official website.

The SS 2021 collection boasts this exact interminable interchange, sparking the interplay of the dichotomies we face both in fashion and in life. Mohapatra’s collection earns a well-deserved, all-encompassing credit to the designer and the brand’s story, and functions - most simply put - as wearable art.

View more of Bibhu Mohapatra’s work on his Instagram: @bibhumohapatra and on his website:

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