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INDUSTRY INSPO An Explosion Of Tulle In Tomo Koizumi’s Spring 2021 Ready-To-Wear

Eccentricity and tulle are the hallmarks of Tomo Koizumi’s Spring 2021 ready-to-wear, and it’s a rainbow-hued ruffle party that we would all happily join.

Koizumi collaborated with a bridal company for part of the new collection, and it‘s both a celebration of traditional Japanese culture and a departure from the usual bridal vibes. It’s a riotous tulle outburst of colour, on some garments isolated to just the hems or busts, but culminating on others in an all-out tulle-storm that raves it’s way over an entire dress.

The remainder of the collection, characterised by similarly unruly pops of tulle, is equally over-the-top. Crop tops, minis, and taffeta bodysuits burst in individual glories. Photographed at night, it’s a galaxy of chromatic supernovas, unleashing the exciting creativity of Koizumi that fuels the entire collection. The best part is that the entire season is created with deadstock material sourced in Tokyo, making it both sustainable and sensational.

Recently, Koizumi’s individuality has paid off, scoring a capsule collection with Emilio Pucci.

View more of Koizumi’s work on Instagram, including his personal work’s in quarantine: @tomokoizumi

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