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INDUSTRY INSPO Alexander Wang’s Approach To Fall Ready-To-Wear Collection Prophesied 2020

In November 2019, Alexander Wang decided to opt-out of the traditional fashion show. One month later, perhaps prophetically, Wang asked Steven Klein to photograph his Fall 2020 collection on a cast of his favourite models. However his 15 year anniversary celebrations didn’t materialise, as the emergence of COVID-19 changed, and continues to change, the landscape of fashion.

Wang’s recently released see-now-buy-now experience focuses on weaving accessible “glamleisure” designs into consumers’ wardrobes, an obtainable level of glam through the reworking of old favourites. T-shirts, sweatshirts, denim, tailored pieces, slouchy shorts, and pops of colour dominate the collection, with a focus on asymmetry and juxtaposition of texture and pattern. Wang’s ready-to-wear collection is undoubtedly the first step in a brave new world of fashion, albeit a scarily accurate and prophetic one.



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