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FASHION SCHOOL The Top Three Sources To Up Your Fashion Knowledge Game

Fashion is known for being fast-paced and complex, so keeping your knowledge base up to date is important for anyone involved in the industry. Starting out can be intimidating, sifting through layers of information from all over the internet can take a lot of time and effort to find legitimate sources.

Over the last three or so months during my time at fashion school, I’ve picked up a whole bunch of different sources to keep up to date and learn new things about fashion. Here is my list and review, complete with ratings, of the three best resources for anyone wanting to regularly update their fashion industry knowledge.

  1. Vogue Runway

For me, Vogue is the ultimate powerhouse of the fashion industry. Vogue Runway is a daily selection of articles that are sent to your email inbox, detailing all the latest fashion industry news. Personally, I read this every day and it’s done wonders for my fashion knowledge. It’s how I’ve discovered new designers I had never heard of before, and how I make sure that if anyone asks me about the fashion industry that I have something interesting and relevant to talk about. Vogue Runway has also recently launched an app by the same name, which has a whole collection of reviews, new collections, street style, and videos. It’s an excellent resource for people just starting out in the fashion world, and even for people who are more ingrained in the industry.

I give this one a 5/5 star rating.

2. The Business of Fashion Podcast (BoF)

The BoF podcast is more your long form content. For people who love to listen to podcasts, this one‘s for you! Personally I’ll listen to BoF while doing my makeup or getting ready for the day. I do gravitate more towards written content than listening to a podcast, but the episodes that I have listened to are very interesting, with lots of different people interviewed and included in BoF’s episodes. Some of the topics that BoF covers includes “How Trauma Transforms Consumer Psyche” and “The Fate of the Physical Runway Show“. BoF also has an Instagram @bof where they post all sorts of intriguing fashion (and business) related content. You can also listen to the BoF podcast on Spotify.

I give this one a 4/5 star rating.

3. Instagram: art8amby and hfconfess

These ones are a little left of field, but I promise you they’re some of the quickest ways to gauge what’s going on in the fashion world just through taking a look at their Instagrams.

Both of these accounts post the latest magazine covers and tidbits from the fashion industry, but each definitely add their own flavour to it, with @art8amby being more informative, where @hfconfess lets people anonymously post their opinions on things going on in the industry.

The great thing about these two accounts is that they give two very different perspectives on the same or similar things, one being very industry-related while the other is more consumer-related. Having both of these perspectives at your fingertips can really help boost your knowledge of the industry, but also gives insight about the people that are interested in fashion and sometimes their unbridled opinions on what’s happening in the industry. I have post notifications turned on for both of these accounts, and love how quickly I can get a general feel for what’s going on in fashion.

I give these ones a 4/5 star rating.

Honourable Mention - Womenswear Daily (WWD)

WWD has been brought up a few times in my fashion school classes, and is a pretty helpful resource that delivers the latest industry intel to your inbox in a newsletter type format . WWD isn’t one that I personally engage with overly often, mostly because the content that I would be interested in is only accessible through a subscription. I find that I get most of what I need from the other resources listed above, however I do know that people in my classes read and love WWD, and so I thought it deserved an honourable mention here.

Hopefully these resources help you to begin or continue your fashion industry journey, as much as they help me. Do you have any resources that you love that haven’t been mentioned here? Leave a comment below!

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